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I want to build up my arsenal again. #2A #gunhashtags
Katniss with her bubble wig. #kitty
I hate “getting back into the gym”. Bitch shouldn’t of stopped in the first place.
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When I was little I always wondered why in movies people would go above and beyond for the people that they love. Well I now know that feeling. I would do anything for her and I love her so much. I’m glad to have shared another birthday with you with many more to come. I love you @kalie_girl and hope you had an amazing birthday.



in case u all forgot this commercial from 2007

nobody forgot 

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She made that trip bearable. #wcw #shesalotbetterlookingthanme
Basically went to cali just for this. #boilingcrab



The second most high quality gif I’ve seen


Alex Bukalo’s e36 M3

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Damn good. #arizona